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Our first event hosted was in November 2014 with Tara Stiles in London. It has been a huge success, we have greeted 150 in 3 days event. We were sold out quite quickly! Which was normal, it was the first time that Tara was coming to London to teach a training. The future Strala Yogis were waiting for her.EVENTS & MOVES LOGO - Nadege Louvet As the founder and owner of “Events and Moves” I must admit that I am proud to have had the opportunity to meet Tara in person, while she was teaching her Yoga rebel at the yearly Fitness exhibition in Paris. Everything started from there. 


What is Events and Moves?

Events and Moves is a small organisation who take cares of Strala Yoga events, and Yoga events. Events and Moves is also is involved in dance festivals. We are engaged in the well-being of people living in London, very busy lifestyle, no time to relax and disconnect. Therefore Events and Moves organise regular events in London to bring some relaxing time to these people who are seeking for it.

This earth got so many talents that we need to discover! Any events organised will be different from one to the other. We are seeking to bring on stage new teachers, new ideas and new Yoga concepts. If you think you can be one of those people, contact us directly.

Do Yoga, Move, Dance with your heart and spread your passion for what you do love.

What is different?

If you choose to attend any events organised by “Events and Moves”, you can be sure that you will have an unforgettable time. We are working hard to bring people together around the same passion. We are proud to say that we have created the biggest Strala Yoga London community on Facebook, where we share about classes and Events.

What do you get when you attend an event with us? An exceptional greeting from our regular event organiser team, always willing to help with anything that you may need. High quality of Yoga teachers, coming from UK, Spain, France and more to come. Try new Yoga concepts.

The venue is a detail that we consider more than important for your practice, that is why we are always looking at new different studios. We always make sure to bring the best comfort to our attendees.

Events and Moves has the chance to cooperate with different sponsors as such Reebok, Tara Stiles, Jools Drink and Yogi tea. More sponsors are joining us on our next events. Very exciting projects upcoming!

Events and Moves and Charity

What a better opportunity than organising Yoga events and raising money for a Charity organisation? Some countries need our help, if only we could help everyone? There are so many Charity organisations out there, which sometimes make the choice difficult. That is why we have decided to follow our heart and our love for Nepal, and we are so proud to start our first charity collaboration with Education and Health Nepal. A part of our benefits will go for EHN and we aim to raise more money to support them as much as we can. If you wish to support them without waiting our next events please do so, click on the link above.

To find out about the next events upcoming please check on Calendar page.

Good action make good people. 

Hey friend, why don't you subscribe to my blog?

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